Persona 3 Reload PS5 PS4

Prominent Persona leakers are suggesting Atlus will be offering up the post-game expansion The Answer for Persona 3 Reload as DLC "within the fiscal year". A piece of content that didn't make it into the upcoming PS5, PS4 remake, it was only part of the PS2 version Persona 3 FES. The playable female character isn't in Persona 3 Reload either, but it's been claimed she's not in any post-launch expansion plans yet.

The Answer was a piece of content that took place after the events of the main game and focused more on combat than any social linking and relationships. It featured new characters and was designed around the hard difficulty mode. One of the criticisms levelled at Persona 3 Reload is that it feels incomplete without this extra content, but the plan — at least according to those who claim to be in the know — is to make it available as DLC after launch. That's at least a better compromise than Persona 5 Royal, which required you to buy an entirely new game to access the new content.

We published our Persona 5 Reload PS5 review yesterday, awarding it a 9/10. Addressing the missing content, we said: "When it comes to the gameplay loop and the treatment of its core cast, Reload is easily the best version of Persona 3 — but it's still difficult to call it definitive. That's because the additional parts of enhanced re-release Persona 3 FES and PSP port Persona 3 Portable aren't included — and so we're still stuck with four separate incarnations of what is essentially the same game."

Now, there may already be plans to fix at least some of that. Do you hope this rumour is true? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.