Intergalactic: The Heretic Prophet Could Be a Brand New IP from Sony 1
Image: Push Square

In case you missed it, Sony says it's not planning to release any existing franchise games this side of March 2025, meaning any first-party output in 2024 will be fresh properties, such as Stellar Blade or Rise of the Ronin. On this point, it's interesting that a new trademark application has recently been opened for what appears to be a new IP from PlayStation.

Discovered by Gematsu, Sony Interactive Entertainment has submitted to trademark the title 'Intergalactic: The Heretic Prophet' in the United States. We know it's very likely to be a game thanks to the descriptors within the application; these cover a wide range of entertainment categories, but video games are chief among them. It seems this could well be the name of an upcoming first-party title.

At least, it's the name of it for the moment. Presumably the game itself is still very much mid-development, so it's possible this title may change before it's publicly announced. Even so, we can glean a teensy bit of info just from the language of the title. It certainly seems sci-fi flavoured, and the phrase "heretic prophet" points to some sort of religious conflict, or somebody's prophecy acting against the norm. Interesting, anyway.

To speculate, we suppose this could be related to Santa Monica Studio's new IP, which is being led by Cory Barlog. Rumours of a sci-fi game from the developer go back a long way, so this seems likely to us — but we don't want to get too ahead of ourselves.

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