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FromSoftware took the extremely influential Dark Souls formula open world with its magnum opus, Elden Ring, ably assisted in this by publisher and co-IP holder Bandai Namco. Now, it appears that potentially, thanks to that significant injection of cash from Sony and Tencent to a 30% stake, FromSoftware is the sole proprietor of the IP, with Bandai Namco transferring ownership rights back in April 2023.

The change to the US trademark filing was spotted by Redditor YasuhiroK (thanks, PlayStation Universe), but no official announcement seems to have been made. It casts the news that Tencent is allegedly developing a mobile gacha game set in the Elden Ring universe in a new light, and we'll have to wait and see how From reacts to these latest reports.

In potentially related news, FromSoftware parent company Kadokawa recently dumped an icy glass of Estus on players' heads, anticipating a re-revealing of Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, anytime soon.

Do you think this materially changes things for Elden Ring players who have been subsisting on scraps for almost two years? Paraphrasing one witty Redditor in the above thread, Sony owns 100% of the Bloodborne IP, a 15% stake in FromSoftware, and we are still 0% closer to getting a sequel or even a remaster some nine years later, so maybe nothing changes at all. Exist in perpetual limbo in the comments section below.

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