Elden Ring Is Allegedly Getting a Smartphone Adaptation 1
Image: Push Square

While everyone awaits Elden Ring’s anticipated Shadow of the Erdtree expansion, it seems like a mobile adaptation of the FromSoftware fantasy classic has quietly entered development. Reuters, citing “three people familiar with the matter”, claims Chinese titan Tencent is working on a smartphone version of the game, as it “searches for a new hit to refresh its ageing stock of games”.

Apparently, the firm acquired licensing rights to the acclaimed release in 2022, when it purchased a 16 per cent stake in the legendary Japanese developer. Exactly how the company intends to convert the combat-heavy classic to mobile remains unclear, although the aforementioned sources say it’ll be a free-to-play gacha, similar to Genshin Impact. Mentally prepare yourself for that 0.2 per cent probability of rolling Malenia, Blade of Miquella.

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Elden Ring was obviously a smash hit when it launched in 2022, surpassing all expectations by selling more than 20 million copies in one year alone. The brand is strong, then, but its audience will expect tight combat and dense exploration – two aspects which may be difficult to replicate on smartphones.

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