Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth PS5

Square Enix is predicting a 100-hour playthrough if you want to finish off everything Final Fantasy VII Rebirth offers, and its Trophy list now backs that up. You will need to unlock 60 Trophies to have the Platinum next to its name on your PS5 Profile, which is roughly about 10 more than a standard title of this size. A playthrough on the hard difficulty setting is a requirement once again, and you'll need to grind your way to level 70.

Of course, there are Bronze Trophies tied to story progression, with the Trophy list (viewable in full on Powerpyx) stating there are 14 chapters in total. That's actually four fewer compared to Final Fantasy VII Remake, but we already know Rebirth is a significantly bigger and more open RPG. You'll also need to finish every quest in the game, but your reward is just a Bronze Trophy.

There are then some situational Trophies like recruiting all the Midgar 7th Infantry units for the parade in Junon, earning a prize for an outstanding performance in the Junon Parade, and winning the Queen's Blood tournament. Collectibles also appear to be a thing in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth; they seem to take the form of world intel and protorelics. Donating items to the treasure trove managed by Johnny will eventually net you a Gold Trophy.

Again, you can see the complete Trophy list on Powerpyx, and begin working out how you'll unlock the Platinum Trophy now. Of course, we'll have a Trophy guide ready for release also. Will you be gunning for 100%, or do you not care? Let us know in the comments below.