Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Is Huge, May Take 100 Hours to Do Everything 1

Game Informer recently revealed that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth would be gracing its cover, and that means a flood of new info is heading our way. In fact, a huge preview of the anticipated sequel is now live on the publication's website, and it's stuffed with new info. The main takeaway is that this game will be massive.

According to the preview, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth's main story will take players around 40 hours to complete. However, if you include all the RPG's side quests, mini-games, and other features, you're looking at a total of around 100 hours. That's a big jump — and suggests there will be lots to do within the open world.

Speaking of which, the open world map will be seamless; you'll be able to walk across it without loading into new areas. The in-game map itself will be broken down into regions to make things easier to digest, but you'll be able to move freely around the world.

Rebirth will contain some brand new locations never featured in the original game, such as a town called Crow's Nest, which acts like a sort of hub for side quests. It seems these side missions will be a big deal; each of them will have Cloud accompanied by a specific secondary character, and completing them will improve his relationship with that character. There will also be lots of mini-games, such as an unnamed strategic card game, piano playing, and of course all the ones you'd expect in places like the Golden Saucer.

The latter part of GI's preview mostly covers what we played earlier in the year:

If you're excited for Rebirth, we'd definitely recommend checking out GI's new coverage, as it goes into much more detail. Will you be playing this on day one in February? Tell us in the comments section below.