Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5 PlayStation

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's playable demo is available now on PS5, and immediately, musically gifted players took the opportunity to show off for Tifa in the included piano minigame. Tifa's Theme is set as a challenge for players to overcome in-game, but rousing tributes to other tracks quickly appeared, a testament to the flexibility of its freeplay mode.

IGN corralled some of the standout efforts, and if we had to rate them, the best is likely the below covers of Kingdom Hearts tracks like Dearly Beloved and Simple and Clean, along with the Final Fantasy X epic, To Zanarkand. Tributes to The Beatles, My Chemical Romance, and The Legend of Zelda followed and showcased the minigame's impressive mechanical depth.

Are you planning on sitting down at the piano next time you visit Nibelheim? February 29th is fast approaching, so make sure to stretch your fingers and practice properly before performing in the comments section below.