Alan Wake 2 PS5 PlayStation

Alan Wake 2's latest update, 1.15, is now live on PS5, allowing players of the atmospheric thriller additional ways to customise their experience, amongst other things. Along with adding a Chapter Select, which should make tidying up any lingering Trophies easier, the other big ticket item is the ability to tone down the frequency of the game's many jump scares.

Remedy posted the full list of changes and additions, and it's quite a meaty update. First, Chapter Select has been added to the main menu, allowing players another run at any mission in the game they've previously unlocked. Remedy states that this feature loads a pre-made save game regardless of your progression, meaning your inventory will change depending on the mission chosen. Players will still keep previous manual saves.

The frequent "horror flashes" that plague Alan on his journey can now be set to Low, if you like, as opposed to the regular Normal setting. This could get distracting sometimes, so the option to lessen their frequency is excellent.

Along with a long list of other bug fixes and tweaks, one stands out to the Trophy-hunting eye. Remedy sheepishly admitted that "we know we've made it a bit complicated with some collectables having to be picked up in a single run", and the below issue was an annoying one:

  • Fixed an issue in The Final Draft (New Game Plus) where if the player already had Saga's crossbow in their inventory, they could not complete/open all required Cult Stashes and thus couldn't get the Lighthouse Key from the final Cult Stash.

Regarding performance on PS5, the random stuttering that could occur during perfect dodge slow-motion moves should be fixed. Optimised UI rendering when there are a lot of UI elements on screens ((like your inventory) should result in a smoother experience, too.

How's your Alan Wake 2 experience been? Is there anything in update 1.15 for you? Let us know in the comments section below.