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Alan Wake 2's free New Game Plus update is dialled in for Monday, 11th December, and aspiring writers can experience the game again on Nightmare difficulty, with the prospect of an all-new ending in the offing. As is standard for this sort of thing, New Game Plus will allow players to retain their unlocked weapons, upgrades, and charms for an enhanced playthrough.

It's probably worth noting that you must have beaten Alan Wake 2 to undertake New Game Plus. Especially appealing is the prospect of additional video content, the brilliantly bizarre live-action stuff Remedy does so well. What sounds cool is that this video content and more manuscript pages will be peppered throughout this new playthrough.

Remedy says that to "fully experience 'The Final Draft'", the new ending, players will have to have beaten the game, which sounds like it will only be accessible in a Plus playthrough to us. We can look forward to "numerous bug fixes and slight performance optimizations", too.

Have you beaten Alan Wake 2? Do you plan to, this weekend, perhaps? Write your way out of this story in the comments section below.

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