One of the more heartbreaking revelations of Naughty Dog's recently released Grounded II: Making the Last of Us Part II documentary was the extent to which unwell The Last of Us fans took their grievances. The worst of it, according to Abby actor Laura Bailey, was "real hardcore death threats", some of which were even directed at Bailey's newborn child.

Bailey confirmed the news in a difficult-to-watch scene, breaking down as she recalled the experience. She said that "every time I went online, that's all I saw, death threats and threats of violence." The really scary stuff was passed on to law enforcement, who used IP tracking to determine the location of the senders and confirm they weren't located anywhere nearby.

If that wasn't cowardly enough, these sad troglodytes stooped to truly subterranean depths: "They were threatening my son who was born during all of it, and yeah, it was rough. But, you know, more than anything, it just taught me to keep a distance."

We know Kaitlyn Dever will portray Abby in the upcoming second season of HBO's adaptation of The Last of Us, and we certainly hope Naughty Dog has prepared her for the role. We can't imagine going to those lengths for any reason, let alone being upset about a video game, and hope we've seen the worst of it already. We won't be holding our breath, though.

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