Sony has just released a pretty interesting video as part of its Creator to Creator series. Available to watch on YouTube, it's part one of a conversation between various creative leads on two beloved Spider-Man projects — Marvel's Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games, and Sony Pictures Animation's Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

Featuring some footage that's a little spoilery for the film and the game, it's about 10 minutes of edited chatter as the directors swap experiences from making their respective stories. Our favourite is probably when Across the Spider-Verse co-director Joaquim Dos Santos says they nearly put a glitch from the games into the movie.

In what would've been a cheeky nod to Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, it was suggested the film featured an Easter egg in which one of the Spider-Men was a large space heater, directly referencing a bug that replaced the hero with the object. "The fact a crew member brought that up and said 'what if there's a space heater,' like that's true love," Dos Santos says. It didn't happen, but we'll be on the lookout when Spider-Verse 3 rolls around.

There are plenty of other interesting little nuggets to take away from this, so do give it a watch above.

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