Pigeon Simulator Survival (not to be confused with the unrelated Pigeon Simulator) is looking like the hottest new bird sim to hit the market. Avian enthusiasts on PS5 can spread their wings and soar, taking revenge on unsuspecting, terrestrial-bound mortals.

Developer Midnight Works tasks players with taking control of a mischievous pigeon who, after being wronged by a hipster, must wreak feathery havoc on a local park. Devour forgotten foodstuffs to replenish lost energy and engage in aerial hijinks that necessitate a full-scale police response. It looks pretty goofy and is unlikely to cause the stir Untitled Goose Game did, and yet the prospect of unleashing "super pigeon powers" is not one without appeal.

What do you think of Pigeon Simulator Survival? What do you think of pigeons in general, feathered friends or an unrelenting airborne menace? Flock to the comments section below.

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