Have you been wondering what Bossa Studios is up to these days? The British developer has made an eclectic mix of stuff over the years. Its big break was Surgeon Simulator, followed by the equally silly I Am Bread. It experimented with persistent online multiplayer with Worlds Adrift on PC, and currently has The Bradwell Conspiracy in the works. However, it's flocking back to the tried and tested formula of dumb fun with its latest announcement: Pigeon Simulator.

As you can see in the debut trailer, you'll be controlling a rat with wings as you fly about a city and get up to mischief. Not dissimilar to Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator, this looks to be a purposely ropey game with loose objectives. Speaking of loose objectives, it looks like you'll be able to target humans and defecate on them as you soar through the sky. Much more information is thin on the ground, but it looks like a daft game that should provide some novelty fun regardless.

Platforms are currently unconfirmed, but a PlayStation 4 version is likely, considering most of Bossa's games are on the console. Will you be taking to the skies in Pigeon Simulator? Flock together in the comments below.

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