Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League PS5 PlayStation

Following an uninspiring round of preview coverage for the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, developer Rocksteady Studio has potentially put the cart before the horse, teasing major post-launch support for the game ahead of launch.

Game director Axel Rydby posted additional information on the game's dedicated Discord server (thanks, IGN) and teased an expansion of the game's core mechanics: “At launch, we’re looking at hundreds of possible combinations and permutations for builds across our four characters, and this is something we’re adding A LOT to in post-launch."

Players will be able to tweak their chosen characters by changing their Talent trees and traversal options, and Rocksteady appears confident that the build variety is there to support varied playstyles. Unwilling to refer to the game as "live service", nevertheless, players can expect seasonal updates, additional playable characters, new story beats, and a swathe of cosmetic items to spend real money on. You know, all the trappings of a live service game.

How are you feeling about Suicide Squad as we inch ever closer to launch? Will it find an audience, or has it entirely missed the boat? Create your own unique combination of words in the comments section below.