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Stardew Valley's eagerly anticipated content update 1.6 has been something we've been keeping half an eye on ever since creator Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone halted work on Haunted Chocolatier, the developer's next game. Fans have been waiting with bated breath for its release, and the project's scope has grown beyond what was initially conceived. Still, Barone has announced that major content development is complete and has turned his attention now to quashing bugs and polishing everything a brilliant sheen.

Announced on Twitter, Barone revealed the happy news and added some additional details in replies to comments. The update will "absolutely" arrive in 2024, and Barone recommends starting a new save for the best experience, noting that it would be OK to use an old save. Still, players would lose out on context, having some stuff unlocked upon booting up. He says the update will first go live on PC but doesn't want a significant delay between that platform and console, describing that process as "a nightmare in the past."

Will you be firing up Stardew Valley once more when update 1.6 finally drops? Are you excited for Barone to return to work on Haunted Chocalitier, presumably after taking a break? Sow your intellectual seed in the fertile grounds of the comments section below.