It’s not really a big story anymore because this has been happening for years, but Sony announced its internally developed first-party game MLB The Show 24 overnight – and once again, PlayStation owners will be forced to pay full-price for the title, while Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play it at no extra cost. This obviously isn’t the first time this has happened, as it’s been occurring ever since the series went multiformat.

Despite being developed by subsidiary San Diego Studio, the MLB publishes the game on other platforms, like Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Still, this has never been a great look for PlayStation, considering it’s claimed day one releases into subscriptions are “unsustainable” in the past. Apparently, this franchise is proving very sustainable in Xbox Game Pass.

The game itself is due out on 19th March, and will feature Vladimir Guerrero Jr. as its cover star. Interestingly, the Toronto Blue Jays all-star’s father was the main athlete highlighted in MLB 06 on PS2 and PSP, before the series was rebranded The Show. This means the franchise has now featured both father and son over the years.

While gameplay updates will be announced in due time, pre-orders are open for $69.99 on PS5 and $59.99 on PS4, with the Standard Edition including 5 The Show Packs and 5,000 Stubs to get you started in Diamond Dynasty. Feature Premieres will follow on YouTube and Twitch in the lead up to launch, while the title’s Collector’s Edition will be officially unveiled on 6th February.