Rec Room PSVR2

Rec Room developer Against Gravity has claimed the free-to-play social game won't be getting a PSVR2 port because it doesn't make economic sense. Speaking in a Reddit AMA (via UploadVR), co-founder Cameron Brown said that while the studio has looked into making a PSVR2 version, it's a "non-trivial port" and "we can't justify the cost based on the numbers".

In a follow-up from UploadVR, a Rec Room spokesperson told the outlet: "We’re not working on a PSVR2 port right now. Would we in the future? Sure, if it makes sense for the business. We’ve worked with Sony for years and have had a lot of successful collaborations there."

Sony has shared just one official PSVR2 sales statistic since the headset launched in February last year; the only thing we have to go on is a graph included in an earnings call that appeared to show purchases tailing off when compared to PSVR across the first six weeks of launch. At that point, it stood at roughly 600,000 units sold. For developer Against Gravity, at least, it appears that number of adopters is low enough that a Rec Room port wouldn't make financial sense. The free game is supported by microtransactions.

First hitting Sony systems via a PSVR version, the game was ported to flat screens for PS5, PS4 play. Currently, the only way to play Rec Room in VR on PlayStation hardware would be on a PS4 or in backwards compatibility mode on PS5. If Rec Room were to be ported to PSVR2, would you support it? Let us know in the comments below.

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