PS Stars Teething Troubles Prevent Holiday Spenders from Earning PS5, PS4 Loyalty Points 1
Image: Push Square

Update: Many fans over the holidays found they weren’t rewarded with PS Stars points for their purchases, but that has started to change over the past few days. Anecdotally, this author has received all missing loyalty points now, and others are reporting a similar situation online. Keep an eye on your account and obviously contact support if you don’t receive your points over the next 48 hours or so, but this looks like an issue Sony has now fixed.

Original Story: If you spent money on the PS Store this holiday – and, look, there’s a strong chance you did – then you’re probably pondering what has happened to your PS Stars loyalty points. For those who don’t know, PS Plus users are meant to earn credits for every buck they spend on Sony’s storefront, which can then be exchanged for free games or currency.

But Reddit is awash with fans who’ve been having issues with the service – and that includes this author, too. Yours truly splashed out on games like Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name and didn’t receive anything in return. Others have spent hundreds of dollars, only for their purchases not to be recognised as loyalty points.

Given the fact it’s the holidays, and it seems this issue is affecting everyone, we’re going to assume the Japanese giant will issue a prompt resolution later this week. We’ll contact the company for more information, of course, and would advise you to keep an eye on the app for the time being to ensure you eventually receive what you’re legitimately owed.