A brand new PS5 game from Sony's own China Hero Project has been revealed as AI Limit, a sort of mashup of NieR, Dark Souls, and anime-style visuals that launches later this year. You can catch the gameplay trailer above to see it in action, with developer SenseGames focusing on story and combat.

"After the sudden yet mysterious collapse of the artificial ecosystem, natural disasters and wars ensued, the civilization was wiped out," the Steam listing explains. "And in the centuries that followed, a strange substance known as the Mud spread everywhere, and monsters emerged. You will step into the last city of mankind — Havenswell, exploring cold and damp sewers, layers of slums, sky city above the lake, etc., seeking the truth about the destruction of civilization in monster-infested ruins."

The description goes on to reveal a number of systems relating to combat, from the Sync Rate that makes you "mightier in battle" to a mechanic tied to your left hand that deploys spells and assists. There might not be a Code Vein sequel coming, but fans now have this to look forward to.

The China Hero Project from Sony has already led to quite a few successful PS5, PS4 releases over the years, such as F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch and ANNO: Mutationem. The anticipated Lost Soul Aside has also been a result of the project, which has since expanded to India. Are you interested in AI Limit? Let us know in the comments below.