Sony India Hero Project

The first batch of PS5 games to be developed with help from Sony's new India Hero Project will be announced between February and April next year, it's been confirmed. Speaking during the India Game Developer Conference, Sony's head of third-party division Hector Fernandes and program manager for the initiative Sujith Sukumaran said the team has been playing demos and accepting proposals and will be ready to confirm the first set of titles from Indian developers in the first half of 2024.

This comes off the back of Sony's successful China Hero Project, which gave rise to PS5, PS4 titles like F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch, ANNO: Mutationem, and the upcoming Lost Soul Aside. As well as providing financial support, Sony equips Indian studios with mentoring, training, and marketing advice to capture a worldwide audience.

Sukumaran explained: "With this project, we want to showcase the talent of Indian developers to the world. We want to appeal to people in India to fully support their development and showcase their games to the world. We also want to offer developers the skills and know-how that Sony has cultivated around the world and the experience of developing commercially successful games for consoles."

He then goes on to share how both the India and China Hero Project are now collaborating and sharing ideas, with a technical team on Sony's side aiding them. Fernades added: "It's all about the program, from how to commercialize and raise funds, to how to support and train game developers. What we understand and learn is something we carried over from the China Hero Project." Of the pitches received so far, the adventure genre has been the most popular, followed by first and third-person shooters.