Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 PlayStation

For the younger readers in the audience, Killzone was a PlayStation shooter series once heralded as a Halo-killer and developed by Guerrilla Games, the Sony first-party studio far more synonymous with its Horizon series these days. The last mainline Killzone game we got was Shadow Fall, a PS4 launch title released in 2013, with fans of the gritty sci-fi series subsisting on scraps for years. And so the emergence of an unlockable Helghast T-Shirt in The Last of Us Part II Remastered's No Return mode is a veritable feast.

Spotted by Okami13 on Twitter (thanks, IGN), a bunch of unlockable character skins in No Return reference other gaming properties. There are the obligatory nods to other PlayStation franchises, with outfits bearing the logos of Death Stranding and Destiny 2, and even Fantavision. Mortal Kombat's in there, there's a Siren top (Forbidden Siren for PAL players), a purple Hotline Miami number, and even WipEout Fusion gets a nod.

But for our money, the pick of the bunch is the khaki T-shirt bearing the fearsome Helghast Triad logo. As many are quick to point out, tragically, this unlockable piece of cosmetic kit feels like the most attention anyone at Sony has paid the once-glorious series in recent years. Shadowfall and the PS Vita-exclusive Killzone: Mercenary had their online components quietly killed off in 2022, the last time something substantively newsworthy occurred.

Do you miss the Killzone franchise? Will you content yourself with wearing a Helghast T-shirt while shooting Clickers in The Last of Us Part II Remastered? Make do with what you have in the comments section below.