Phasmaphobia PS5 PlayStation

Eagerly anticipated ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia was a hit on Steam, and the wait for it to come to PlayStation has been torturous, plagued by repeated delays and at least one fire. Developer Kinetic Games posted a development roadmap, which still doesn't give us a date but does promise that the console release, when it does arrive, will benefit from gameplay reworks and performance upgrades.

Initially planned for an August 2023 release on PS5 and PSVR2, the cooperative horror title caused a stir on Steam. It was further delayed after "a recent fire incident in our office building and unpredicted development issues" pushed that timeline back still further before the console release was postponed indefinitely in October.

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Are you anticipating playing Phasmophopia on PS5 or PSVR2 when it finally arrives? Or are the prospect of immersive, first-person spooks too scary for you? Let us know in the comments section below.