The interminable wait for Persona 3 Reload has felt like an eternity, but in concrete proof we aren't stuck in Tartarus, Atlus has released the eagerly anticipated RPG's opening animated movie. The cherry on top? We get our first taste of an all-new track: "Full Moon Full Life".

In the trailer, we see the sorts of suicide-themed imagery with which the developer turned heads back in 2006 when the original was released. The teenage members of S.E.E.S summon their Persona by shooting themselves in the head with Evokers, devices that could theoretically take any shape but instead look like modern handguns. Rather than shying away from controversy by sanitising things, Atlus seems to be doubling down on it, if anything, baking the imagery into the game's battle UI. Undeniably edgy, we wouldn't have it any other way, and Persona 3 is looking as slick as ever.

It's as stylish and effortlessly cool as you'd expect, and we cannot wait to get to grips with the game when it releases on PS5 and PS4 (which Atlus adorably forgot to mention once again) on 2nd February. How are you handling the wait for Persona 3 Reload? Pull the trigger in the comments section below.