It's long been our belief that Persona 5 has the most stylish turn-based combat system ever devised, but it could soon be time for Joker and the gang to vacate their throne. Indeed, Persona 3 Reload's reworked battles look incredible. Visually, there's a much greater emphasis on highly stylised cuts from character to character, and we love the way artwork has been incorporated into certain actions.

Combat isn't just an eye-pleaser, though. Taking clear cues from the aforementioned Persona 5, there's an all-new snappiness to how you issue commands, and as previously reported, you can now 'shift' between party members in order to hit multiple enemy weaknesses in one extended turn.

Meanwhile, new, character-specific 'Theurgy' attacks are basically like super moves. You build up a bar through battling that can then be cashed out for a devastating technique.

We think Persona 3 Reload is looking like a surefire win, but do you agree? Give us a baby baby baby in the comments section below.