If the wait for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth proves too much to bear, perhaps letting off some Mako-infused steam in Apex Legends is the salve you need? The popular hero shooter is getting a surprisingly involved crossover with Square Enix's upcoming roleplaying epic, replacing unranked Battle Royale, and you can jump in on PS5 and PS4 for free from 9th January, running through the end of the month.

From unlockable Final Fantasy-themed cosmetics to the wieldable Buster Sword R2R5 to coloured Materia that provide players with various gameplay benefits, it's a surprisingly in-depth addition. With Rebirth not releasing until 29th February on PS5, it should at least provide you with your Final Fantasy fix until the appointed time arrives.

Materia Hop-Ups will provide various benefits, and the cool thing is players wielding the Buster Sword can even build up to a Limit Break attack, which is sure to be completely balanced and fine.

Blue Materia

HP Absorb

Damage enemies to heal yourself.

Green Materia


Reload an empty weapon to emit a shock nova, damaging and slowing nearby enemies.

Purple Materia

Crit Rate Up

Random criticals provide extra damage.

Red Materia


Summon a Nessie companion to attack your foes.

Yellow Materia


Damage enemies to see their remaining health.

What do you think of Apex Legends' imminent Final Fantasy VII Rebirth crossover event? Will you be jumping in to unlock that sweet Moogle Yuffie skin? Hum "Those Who Fight Further" in the comments section below.

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