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Baldur's Gate 3 is one of the most intricate and absorbing RPGs ever made, and almost six months after launch, players are still kicking the tyres of Larian's epic game. An exploit has recently been uncovered in the game's opening hours that will allow exceptionally dedicated players to not only turn the tables on a malevolent character earlier than intended but get a potent piece of gear for doing so.

Raphael is one of BG3's many scenery-chewing antagonists, a demon who delights in torment, offering to take care of the player's tadpole at the cost of their immortal soul. As anyone who's played through the game's opening act a couple of times can attest, it's incredible how many places players can encounter the classy Cambion.

Players capable of avoiding Raphael while gaining the levels required to overcome the monster are what make this task challenging. Eventually, Raphael will turn up at your camp, and if you attack him there (and keep him silenced), he won't be able to teleport away. Anywhere else, and the slippery devil will scamper. Back at a launch, a similar tactic would allow players to get a bunch of XP early, but Larian addressed the issue in a patch.

Redditor Hope_bringer recently discovered that Raphael is back on the menu (thanks, TheGamer), except now he drops the stupidly powerful Helldusk Armour, a fantastic piece of kit and one of the best in the game. Wearing it gives a character Heavy Armour Proficiency (so anyone can wear it), AC of 21, immunity to flame, the ability to fly, and inflicts Burning back on enemies when you successfully make a Saving Throw. It's insane, and if you can get Commander Zhalk to part with his Everburn Blade, an incredibly overpowered start to any playthrough, Honour Mode be damned.

Are you committed enough to maximise this exploit in your next Baldur's Gate 3 run? Larian is notable for the frequency with which it deploys patches, so if that sounds like you, you'd better get a wriggle on—plan avoidance strategies in the comments section below.

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