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As if anyone needed another reason to play Baldur's Gate 3 again, the recently released Honour Mode provides as good an incentive as any, especially for masochists. Veterans of Tactition, formerly the most difficult in the game, are finding Honour Mode — where a story-focused run will last regular players around 50 hours — to be a different beast entirely.

Honour Mode adopts the Ironman mentality popularised by games like X-COM, where players are given a single save slot, which is constantly overwritten to prevent save-scumming. It's extra unforgiving in an RPG as expansive as BG3, especially when you consider how many cutscenes can kill you.

Honour Mode was added to the game on 30th November, and according to statistics released by Larian on 6th December, 158,000 players made the attempt, with only 464 dedicated players managing it. That number is rising, as evidenced by Trophy data on sites like PSN Profiles, where hunters are increasingly reporting dinging Foehammer, the Trophy associated with the feat.

Thankfully, Foehammer is not required for the game's Platinum Trophy, being added after launch, but represents the current pinnacle of challenge for the most dedicated of players. Have you attempted an Honour Mode run? What party composition is most efficient for the ordeal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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