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Acquiring all of the previously announced Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth crossover content in Battle Royale smash hit Apex Legends could cost you upwards of $300. The event, which goes into effect today, includes a whole bunch of cosmetics and gear from the upcoming Square Enix sequel – but the prices are out of control.

Packs of the event’s items will cost around 1,000 Apex Coins (~$10) apiece and you’ll need to own all 36 items to unlock the One-Winged Angel Deathbox, which is inspired by Sephiroth’s design in the original PS1 game. That means, to get the Deathbox, you could be looking at an outlay of approximately $360, which has attracted understandable criticism from the game’s community.

To be fair, developer Respawn Entertainment has gone the extra mile here, incorporating an entirely new gameplay mode which features Final Fantasy 7’s famous Materia system – as well as Cloud Strife’s Buster Sword! But it seems the studio is (Limit) Breaking its community’s patience with prices like these – and we can’t say we really disagree given the figures been thrown around here.

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