Sony Wants PS5 Games to Automatically Adjust the Difficulty While You Play 1

While this article will undoubtedly be read by numerous people who have the Platinum in Elden Ring, it’s worth remembering that gaming has massive global appeal these days, and not everyone is capable of beating Malenia while blindfolded with a Buzz! controller. Sony’s worked really hard to ensure players of all abilities can beat its first-party games, but a new patent recognises that it still has work to do.

The platform holder has patented an innovative new technology that sounds a lot like dynamic difficulty. Spotted by Insider Gaming, the idea essentially uses an algorithm to understand how people are playing, and then adjusts the mechanics accordingly depending on what it determines. This could, in theory, make combat encounters more manageable – or even provide more assistance with puzzles if it detects players are getting stuck.

The idea is to make the path to progression smoother for everyone, and of course it can work in the opposite way as well: if the algorithm decides that the player is blasting through the gameplay without any obstruction, it could theoretically tune the difficulty to provide a greater challenge. The ultimate goal is to tailor the experience to each personal playstyle, providing a satisfying experience for everyone.

Obviously, it sounds great on paper, but it may be difficult to implement effectively. Developers spend thousands and thousands of man hours tuning their games to provide an optimal experience for all abilities, and unless this algorithm is water-tight, it could end up interfering with the designer’s intention. We’re not a surprised a patent like this exists, it does seem like an obvious step for the industry to take – we just reckon it’ll take a little time before the idea is fully realised.

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