PSN Account Bans

On Tuesday, we brought word of a widespread spate of seemingly permanent PSN bans hitting PlayStation users, preventing them from logging in and leaving them with seemingly no recourse. The good news is the firm appears to be correcting the mistake, the bad is it has yet to address the issue, which doesn't inspire much confidence.

With no word from the company, users are left to wonder about the reasoning for the bans in the first place. Was it just a widespread and catastrophic error, or is there a mystery policy in place that is being broken en masse? Dot Esports notes a number of instances of accounts being restored within hours but notes that there doesn't appear to be a common thread indicating a root cause.

On ResetEra, it seems (anecdotally, at least) that these bans aren't lasting longer than 24 hours, and there has been some speculation that yesterday's firmware update might have corrected the issue. If it did, Sony didn't advertise the fact unless that's what "we've made some security fixes to the system software" means.

Was your PSN account banned inexplicably banned in recent days? Has the problem been resolved? Let us know what your experience has been like in the comments section below.

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