PSN Account Bans

Something strange seems to be happening with PSN, with widespread reports of players suddenly being suspended from their PSN accounts in the last few hours, handed harsh and permanent suspensions with little explanation.

Occam's Razor suggests this is just some account glitch rather than an overt malicious act from Sony. Regardless, players suspended from their accounts and unable to access their digital libraries, even briefly, is a big deal. Physical collectors can have their moment to crow, but this comes when PlayStation users are also set to lose hundreds of T.V. shows they may have potentially paid for.

The issue has been reported on Twitter, ResetEra, and Reddit, and we imagine it's only a matter of time before one of the adults at PlayStation wakes up and addresses the situation.

Have you been hit with an unexpected account ban? Do you dare check your linked email account? Seek solace in the comments section below.

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