Sharpen Up with Korean Neo-Noir Slasher Tiger Blade on PSVR2 This Xmas 1

Originally due in November, trendy K-hip hop combat game Tiger Blade will now purr to PSVR2 from 20th December, just in time for the holidays. The rhythm slasher, which sees you tasked with stealing a previously believed extinct cat from a rival clan, is set in an alternate version of Korea – and you can read more about the developer’s influences in our interview.

The game’s designed to be a “sensory thrill ride”, and takes advantage of all PSVR2’s unique features, including headset rumble and adaptive triggers. In addition, it’s packing a full K-hip hop soundtrack, featuring artists like SINCE, Bryn, and Kitsyojii. The title will cost $24.99 at launch, and promises endless replayability due to its arcade scoring system and online leaderboards.