Swen Vincke CEO Larian Studios
Image: Larian Studios

Founder and CEO of Larian Studios, Swen Vincke, aims to rock up to The Game Awards in a singularly unique style. According to the Push Square audience, Baldur's Gate 3 will ultimately be crowned Game of the Year 2023, and there is a genuine chance the eclectic Vincke will stride onto the stage in a full suit of armour to accept the honour. If we had to guess, it's probably the dress plate he likes to don for interviews.

Whether or not that glorious moment comes to pass remains to be seen, however, as maligned fates attempt to intervene. Vincke began teasing the prospect a few days ago, goaded on by fanatical BG3 fans. It seemed like a fun, cool idea that players would love, but getting the damn thing from (presumably) Belgium to Los Angeles would turn out to be an adventure in its own right.

Vincke seems up for it, but a shadow of doubt appears to have developed in transit. Later, he suggested he would wear the suit on the condition that lead writer Adam Smith would dress up as a bear. Director of publishing Michael Douse leapt into action, soliciting bear suits on Twitter and even offering to do Smith's makeup himself.

But then, tragedy struck. Douse announced that Nick (presumably Vincke's squire or valet), the person responsible for transporting the armour, had been re-routed to Chicago, casting doubt as to whether the harness would arrive in Los Angeles in time for the show. At the time of this writing, Douse's last update reads: "They’ve given Nick a brand new plane."

Do you think Vincke will come armoured for the occasion? How hard is it to get medieval war gear onto an international flight? Will Baldur's Gate 3 win Game of the Year? Let us know in the comments section below.

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