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Larian Studios is currently enjoying the success of Baldur's Gate 3's launch on PC, which only came out last Friday, and promptly shattered records and defied expectations. If you exist on the internet, chances are you saw the headlines surrounding this game and a certain scene involving the druid Halsin, Wildshifted into bear form.

It turns out even founder, CEO, and hands-on game director Swen Vincke didn't expect it to spread nearly so far, with even his 17-year-old son's friends getting in on the joke, telling him: "'Dad, people are sending me pictures of bears from everywhere."

Speaking to PC Gamer on Monday, Vincke explains what Larian's intent was in choosing the specific frames for the now infamous trailer. It's worth once again reiterating that nothing graphic is actually depicted, just suggested, and the whole scene played for laughs (mostly). Vincke explains:

"We wanted a scene people were going to talk about, but we wanted to show that this was a cinematic game, with characters that have depth to them. The bear's obviously a druid, and he has a story. He's been around for hundreds of years. He's lived with bears for part of his life also, so that's where the bear thing comes from. It's interesting when you start thinking about it what it meant for him living with bears, right? Because there's also horny bears in the world."

PC Gamer, in a fearless act of journalism, verified the veracity of Vincke's claims, finding that despite being one of the "least productive mammals in North America", there are indeed horny bears in the world. Vincke continues:

"Fantasy and romance have always been intermingled with each other, and now being able to show things [with better cinematics], it makes it more engaging. It makes for better storytelling because there's more emotion. You see that very clearly when people are streaming … there are some critical moments in the game, depending on which character you have, where you have to make choices, where your best interests are not necessarily served by the best interests of your romantic partner at that moment, and that creates great drama. Having that human emotion present inside the game just makes for better storytelling. That's where we went very far."

Are you excited to experience Baldur's Gate 3 for yourself next month? In the meantime, check out our Baldur's Gate 3 guides for pointers on party planning. Or just sound off in the comments section below.