Hermen Hulst, the exec currently in charge of Sony’s network of PS Studios, spent his week in Tokyo – and visited veteran developer Hideo Kojima while he was there. A photograph of the auteur standing side-by-side with the ex-Guerrilla managing director in Kojima Productions’ now infamous office corridor was shared on social media this week, fuelling rumours of a Death Stranding 2 re-reveal.

The sequel to Kojima’s hiking simulator was announced during The Game Awards last year, and there has been speculation that a new trailer will debut during this week’s event. A few months ago, the Konami veteran was spotted editing a trailer, although the file name seemed to tease some kind of impending State of Play livestream. Seeing as that hasn’t materialised yet, it’s possible his work could air during Geoff Keighley’s ceremony instead.

Hulst has a strong relationship with Kojima after Guerrilla allowed his studio to use its proprietary Decima Engine for Death Stranding, so his appearance at the developer’s office is not unusual. The timing is noteworthy, though: The Game Awards is the last major industry event in the calendar before Christmas, and it does feel like the time is right for an update on the PS5 console exclusive sequel.

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