The fierce battle for streaming rights rages on, and it looks like Disney+ has conquered when it comes to acquiring exclusivity on Hideo Kojima’s hotly anticipated documentary. Announced a little while ago – and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival this summer – Hideo Kojima: Connecting Worlds is scheduled to release globally Spring 2024.

The feature documents the ex-Konami auteur’s rise from the ashes, as he founded a new company following his heavily publicised departure from the Metal Gear Solid publisher. Kojima went on to sign a publishing deal with PlayStation, where he developed the bold hiking delivery adventure Death Stranding. A sequel is planned for PS5 in the future.

In addition to detailing the industry icon’s influences and thought processes, it’ll also include “shots from the early days of our independent studio, memories from my childhood, and my creative journey”. In case you missed it earlier in the year, you can check out the first trailer from the documentary above.