GTA 6 Trailer Tops 50 Million Views in 10 Hours, Despite Leak 1

Update: GTA 6 couldn’t quite dethrone BTS ultra-hit Butter for the most views on YouTube in 24 hours, but a day after its premature publish, it’s within touching distance of 100 million views – a staggering achievement really. To put this into perspective, the most viewed trailer on the PlayStation channel is the PS4’s reveal video, which has managed 43 million views in ten years. Rockstar’s latest has more than doubled that in a day!

The trailer needed 108 million to beat the aforementioned K-pop classic, and if you factor in mirrors from Gamespot and IGN, it did actually topple it. However, the record books will likely only count the original upload, and therefore it’s fallen short just a touch. It’s clear to see the sandbox sequel is going to be an absolute juggernaut when it launches in 2025, however.

Well, we knew it was going to be big – but this big? GTA 6’s debut trailer has already topped 50 million views less than ten hours after it was unceremoniously published by Rockstar following an unexpected leak. Unsurprisingly, it’s the number one trending video on YouTube worldwide right now, and this ignores the various mirrors uploaded by major channels like IGN and Gamespot.

The first footage of the latest Grand Theft Auto wasn’t supposed to be shared until later today, but when a watermarked version emerged on Twitter, the developed decided to set it live anyway. It’s something the team is understandably upset by, but it’ll reassured by the overwhelming response to the video. In addition to its 50 million views, it also has 6.5 million likes.

There’s a good chance this closes on 100 million by the end of the day, as it continues to get shared around the world and fans dig deeper for Easter eggs and secrets. How many times have you watched the new trailer so far? Admit it in the comments section below.