GTA 6 Hacker Ruled a High Risk to the Public, Sentenced to Life in Hospital 1

The 18-year-old Brit behind some of the biggest hacks in history – including the one which saw large chunks of GTA 6 footage uploaded to the Internet – will spend his life in hospital, as a judge has ruled he remains a high risk to public life. British teenager Arion Kurtaj infiltrated Rockstar Games while under police protection, using just an Amazon Firestick, a mobile phone, and a Travelodge hotel’s television.

Kurtaj, who was a member of an online gang named Lapsus$, played a part in numerous high-profile hacks, costing companies like Uber and Nvidia more than $10 million cumulatively. Despite being diagnosed with autism, a judge found that his extremely high aptitude for hacking and willingness to repeat offend meant he must remain in hospital indefinitely.

Representatives from Rockstar Games told the court that the hack had cost the company at least $5 million to recover, and thousands of hours of employee time. Hacking has become a hot topic once again in the industry this week, as Insomniac Games suffered a devastating ransomware attack, which resulted in terabytes of confidential company information being uploaded online.