Update: Rockstar itself has now also commented on the leak. Read more through the link.

Original Story: In case you somehow missed it, GTA 6 was unceremoniously leaked to the public with about 90 video clips of early, mid-development footage. There was some question as to whether this was the real deal or an extremely elaborate hoax, but Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has confirmed it's legit:

Citing "Rockstar sources", Schreier says this is "one of the biggest leaks in video game history". Take Two has forced the YouTube videos offline, but obviously the damage has already been done.

The whole situation has caused quite a stir among enthusiasts and those in the industry. Ultimately, it boils down to how damaging leaks like this can be. Some fans see this footage of an unfinished game and assume that's what the final game will be like, which is of course ridiculous. For the people making GTA 6, it'll be a big blow, not least of which because it damages the image of the studio and the game before it's even official. We've seen a few say Rockstar employees are being harassed about the leak on social media, too.

Developers have been showing solidarity with Rockstar as this has been happening, offering words of sympathy as well as explaining why leaks are bad:

Of course there are many, many other comments about the GTA 6 leak should you care to look around. What are your thoughts on this whole situation? Are you against leaks or does it not really bother you? Discuss (nicely, now) in the comments section below.

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