The Game Awards

The Game Awards has come and gone again, with 2023's show proving somewhat contentious, depending on who you ask. Something that became increasingly apparent as the show progressed was the pressure winners appeared to be under to wrap things up. Even Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke, who managed to snag Game of the Year with Baldur's Gate 3, appeared to be whisked off the stage after around 30 seconds, surprisingly spry in a suit of armour.

Host with the most and producer of The Game Awards, Geoff Keighley, agrees and Tweeted as much after the show. Keighley maintains that "while no one was actually cut off", it would be something to "address going forward".

A teleprompter was used to urge award winners to "Please Wrap It Up" as the music unsuccessfully used to get Kratos' actor Christopher Judge offstage last year began to swell, underlining the point. In Larian's case, Vincke was dedicating the award to colleagues who had passed away during development, which was undercut by the outro tune.

Geoff says that the rule was relaxed as the show went on, but we thought it felt like the opposite, that the awards in the tail half were rushed to make up for the time Hollywood actors spent doing crowd work upfront. What do you think, and how much time is appropriate for a winner to get on stage? In the comments section below, continue the show, no matter the cost.