Fortnite Chapter 5's New PS5, PS4 Animations Are Impressive 1
Image: Push Square

Love it or loathe it, Fortnite has not stood still. The game, now on Chapter 5 after a hugely successful nostalgic interlude, has continued to grow and improve with each new update cycle. The latest version not only introduces a multi-genre future for the free-to-play release, but has also included some pretty dramatic gameplay improvements, too.

Chief among them is a new animation engine which uses motion matching and procedural layering to make movement feel much more natural. Perhaps one of the game’s biggest giveaways has always been the way characters move, but now it all looks much more authentic. You can see the stark difference in the comparison below:

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On the PS5 specifically, the developer has also incorporated physics-based animations when you drop into the island. This affects the way gliders animate, again resulting in a much more realistic look. Again, you can see the difference below:

As is the case with any change, some fans are already complaining that the new animations make the gameplay feel slower and less arcade than it used to. Our opinion after four or five rounds is that it feels as fantastic as ever, but has an added layer of gloss thanks to these notable animation improvements. How do you feel about Fortnite’s improved tech? Move more freely in the comments section below.

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