Fortnite Completes Transition to Full-Blown PS5, PS4 Platform with LEGO, Racing Games 1
Image: Push Square

Fortnite is no longer just a game: it’s a full-blown multi-genre platform, and Epic Games will realise its vision later this week with the release of three new “experiences” within the uber-popular Battle Royale. Announced as part of last night’s Big Bang event, the new titles will include LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

LEGO Fortnite will launch first, on 7th December. This is being described as the “ultimate survival crafting LEGO adventure”, and it’ll apparently feature “vast open worlds”. You can check out a brief teaser trailer below, although it doesn’t give too much away. This sounds a little bit like Minecraft in terms of gameplay, but we’ll need to await more details to know for sure.

It’ll be followed on 8th December by a Rocket League-inspired racing experience, developed by Psyonix. Rocket Racing has been rumoured for a while, and we’re expecting something similar to Mario Kart or Disney Speedstorm. A debut trailer will showcase during The Game Awards later this week, and presumably you’ll be able to play the mode immediately after the show.

And then on 9th December, Epic Games has been keeping Rock Band developer Harmonix busy with Fortnite Festival. This will see you form a band with friends, where you’ll be able to perform hit songs by artists like The Weeknd, who will feature heavily in the game’s first season. We imagine there’ll be various crossovers with different bands as the mode matures.

The key thing to takeaway here is that, while all three games are being billed as standalone experiences, they’ll be playable exclusively within Fortnite. This is ultimately the game’s final form: a transition from popular Battle Royale to full-blown platform. Epic Games wants you to play Fortnite forever, and it plans to hold your attention with a variety of different full-game experiences that span multiple genres.