Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

The fate of the Knights of the Old Republic Remake remains in flux, much like the Force itself, and conflicting reports from trusted sources have recently left us contemplating a turn to the dark side. Now, a Disney executive has thrown further fuel on the flames.

Speaking to Axios, Disney head of gaming Sean Shoptaw was asked about the status of the long-wished for remake. Maddeningly, he said: "Not a lot I can say on that point for some hopefully obvious reasons, but KOTOR is obviously an incredibly popular game, one that we are incredibly proud of and think that there's still a lot of demand for. I'll leave it there."

For those keeping score at home, the troubled PS5 console exclusive has been kicking around for years now, passing from Aspyr to Saber Interactive, both developers owned by the currently crumbling Embracer Group. Matters looked even worse when Sony started scrubbing the game's trailer from various social media accounts, but the company later clarified this was due to a music licensing issue.

As things stand, depending on whether you believe Jeff Grub or Jason Schreier, the project is either completely dead or being worked on by a skeleton crew respectively. How optimistic are you the KOTOR Remake will ever see the light of day? Let us know in the comments section below.