Dev Behind PSVR2's Firewall Ultra Blames the Lack of Virtual Reality Support for Closure 1

First Contact Entertainment, the studio behind PSVR’s acclaimed Firewall Zero Hour and PSVR2’s pseudo-sequel Firewall Ultra, will close down at the end of the year. The team cited the industry’s overall lack of virtual reality support as the reason. “As a AAA virtual reality game developer, we are just not able to justify the expense needed going forward,” a statement said.

Firewall Zero Hour was supported for many years as a live service, and in an interview earlier in the year, the developer had expressed a similar ambition for Firewall Ultra. “With Firewall Zero Hour, the live service model was a pivot that happened after launch,” communications manager David Jagneaux told us prior to launch. “But the pivot we have with Firewall Ultra is that it’s being designed from the very beginning to be a live service game.”

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The developer released Operation Bloodline earlier this month, the first of Firewall Ultra’s post-release seasons – although it’s probably safe to assume at this point it’ll also be its last. We’ll try to contact the developer to find out what the future holds for the release, and whether its servers will remain active.

“We are a team of fearless innovators willing to push new technologies to its limits,” the developer’s closure statement continued. “I am extremely proud of the team and grateful to our investors, our partners, and of course our community of dedicated and passionate players. It’s been a wild ride. Thank you!”

While the original Firewall Zero Hour attracted a sizeable community and a lot of praise, we found that its PS5 successor had fallen behind the curve. “There are certainly the bones of a good game in here, but with the streamlined gameplay experience and limited content roster, frankly we just kept thinking about the better VR games we could be playing,” we noted in our review.