World War Z: Aftermath is getting another offering in December, Saber Interactive has announced, and we got a look at the upcoming Vally of the Zeke in a new trailer. The premium episode, along with a free update, will hit PS5 on 5th December.

This new episode will run players $9.90, or around £8, and features three new maps for Aftermath, taking them to Arizona, where they'll lead a convoy of survivors to salvation through the desert and fallen urban strongholds.

New skins will be available separately for those who want them, and a free update will be deployed alongside Valley of the Zeke, with the following additions coming for all players:

  • New zombie enemy types that will appear in all episodes, including the Juggernaut, a special zombie unit that can dish out the pain while charging down your line, as well as new military zombies with combat armor for an even greater challenge.
  • The new Desert Eagle secondary weapon, a large-caliber pistol that packs tremendous stopping power when you need it most.
  • A new set of exciting mutators for Challenge Mode and Challenge Horde Mode. Equip all auto-turrets with explosive ammo (but with reduced lifespan), embrace the Wild West theme by forcing everyone to use repeating rifles and revolvers, and more!
  • The addition of the recently released Rome XL map to Challenge Horde Mode (available only for Aftermath on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series).

What do you think of Saber Interactive's ongoing support for World War Z: Aftermath? When was the last time you booted up the game? Form a writhing pyramid of human bodies to escape the comments section below.