World War Z: Aftermath is going big in its latest update, which adds not only a native PS5 upgrade free of charge, but also the super-sized new Horde Mode XL, which purports to throw a frankly ludicrous number of undead beasties at the player. What's more, it's available now on PS5.

We love a good horde mode as much as the next gamer of a certain vintage, but the scale on display here is something else, boasting the kind of body count that would make the developers over at Bend Studio blush.

Horde Mode XL will randomly throw upwards of 1000 biters at you mixed in amongst more manageable rounds, which should keep players on their toes as they attempt to defend a camp full of hapless, and no doubt delicious, civilians.

Will you face down the numberless hordes in Horde Mode XL? Try not to get eaten alive in the comments section below.