ps vita 2

The PS Portal is here, ushering Sony back into the handheld market. But this remote-play device isn’t quite what many fans were hoping for. Over a decade after the launch of the PlayStation Vita, there’s still a fiery demand for a true successor, and to some the PS Portal is nothing more than a half-measure. However, despite the apparent demand, is there really a place for a PS Vita 2 in 2023? We don’t think Sony will ever develop one, and to be honest, it’s probably for the best.

Handheld gaming is bigger than ever, thanks to devices like the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck, and like it or not, the PS Portal. But it’s also a far different landscape now than back in the days of the Vita. The gap between handheld gaming and console gaming has closed rapidly in the following decade, with most mobile devices now being more powerful than Sony's old portable. It’s had a huge impact on the types of experiences gamers expect from dedicated handheld devices.

So immediately, the prospect of a Vita 2 comes with a big handheld conundrum: does Sony go hell for leather, developing a handheld device that can natively play PS5 games? Or stick with smaller exclusive titles for that product just like the Vita?

We don't think either are right for Sony at this point in time, and we discuss it all over on the Push Square YouTube channel. From development issues to conflicting sales, give the video a watch to see why we think Sony will never make the PS Vita 2.

Despite how you feel about it, do you think Sony will ever make a PlayStation Vita 2? Let us know down in the comments below.