Steam DualSense DualShock
Image: Steam

PC is now a central pillar of Sony's PlayStation strategy, becoming more relevant daily. Evidence suggests that some PC Trophy support is in the offing, which is to say nothing of the lucrative new revenue streams the firm has found on platforms like Steam and, more recently, GOG.

Further proof of this phenomenon comes from Steam itself, which announced the Controller-Friendly Hub in a new update. This hub allows users to sort games by their preferred gamepad. Xbox controllers have long been the standard PC controller on the platform, but now, DualSense and Dualshock support are specifically denoted on individual store pages.

By default, Steam will filter by which controller you've used most recently, although users can specify by controller type. Valve helpfully shared some statistics that show how PlayStation controllers have been on the rise, with a 400% increase in usage over the last four years.

  • There were over 3 Billion game sessions that included a controller in the past year
  • 60% Xbox controller
  • 27% PlayStation models
  • The remaining % is made up of Steam Deck, Switch Pro, and hundreds of other controller models
  • The same period four years ago (ending Nov 2019) had 990 Million controller sessions
    • 76% Xbox controllers
    • 19% PlayStation controllers
  • During these four years, PlayStation controllers saw a 4x increase in sessions

Do you use your DualShock or DualSense while playing on PC? Are you surprised to see the growth of PlayStation controllers on PC platforms? Use the correct input method in the comments section below.