Off the back of two excellent South Park RPGs, Obsidian's Stick of Truth and Ubisoft's Fractured But Whole, South Park: Snow Day! from developer Question is instead a cooperative multiplayer game. It ditches the 2D art aesthetic popularised by the show and adopted for the previous games for a less impressive but more functional 3D engine to boot.

That isn't to say Snow Day looks bad per se, it's just that we had taken for granted that there would be another South Park RPG for us to enjoy, as the previous games did an incredible job of bringing the world of South Park to life. We'll certainly be keeping an eye on it (due out on PS5 in 2024) and as open a mind as possible as we learn more in the coming months. Publisher THQ Nordic describes the game thusly:

  • It’s an all-new 3D cooperative game.
  • A blizzard of epic proportions has blanketed the town of South Park, and it’s up to Cartman, Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and you, as the New Kid, to save the town.
  • Experience cooperative gameplay for the first time ever in a South Park game with up to three friends or ally bots—unleashing powerful, coordinated attacks on your foes.
  • Equip and upgrade devastating melee and ranged weapons. Deploy special abilities and powers that will bring hordes of enemies and epic bosses to their knees.
  • Use a wide range of iconic cosmetics and customize your New Kid with endless possible combinations from beanies to Cheesy Poof T-shirts to chin balls.

What do you think of South Park: Snow Day!? Do we need to get with the program and find some friends to play with? Let us know in the comments section below.