Dragon's Dogma 2 Release Date Leak

It's possible that the release date for Dragon's Dogma 2 has just leaked. Ahead of the game's planned showcase on the 28th November, PEGI — that's Europe's age ratings board — has published its information page on the action RPG, and guess what? Said page lists the supposed launch date.

It's down for 22nd March 2024, according to PEGI. Which, to be fair, would fit with everything we know about the project so far. Indeed, Capcom had previously stated that a major, "undisclosed" title would arrive before the end of this fiscal year — and this leaked date would make Dragon's Dogma 2 the obvious choice.

Of course, this would mean that Dragon's Dogma 2 will launch just a few weeks after Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, adding to an already insanely packed early 2024 schedule.

Would you be fine with Dragon's Dogma 2 dropping in March? Bring your biggest sword to the comments section below.

[source pegi.info]